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THE TIME IS NOW: It’s Time To Reinvent, Adapt, And Start-Up With Brain Moyer

Episode Summary

WE ARE MADE TO ADAPT, GROW, AND EVOLVE, NOT ROT ON A SHELF. Brian Moyer, from Vanderbilt Center for Technology Transfer & Commercialization, has a very simple message: Reinvent yourself over and over again, adapt to continual learning, and start now. Brian joins Craig in this latest episode of Talk Tech To Me, and tune in to learn how you can continue to evolve in this fast-paced environment.

Episode Notes



Brian - Constant reinvention of one’s self:

“I think the first thing to understand is it was very non-traditional, or unconventional, with probably one of the overriding factors being a constant reinvention of myself.”

Brian - Always adapt to a learning mindset:

“Whenever I have an opportunity to speak to a group of students, one of the things that I tried to get across is that you have to adopt a continual learning mindset.”

Brian - Find a problem to solve:

“My success was in several different times, not just this one was finding a problem that needed to be solved and creating a solution for that problem.”

Brian - It’s the best time to start:

“It's a great time to start a business. There are always going to be challenges and stoplights. If you wait, and I remember learning this years and years and years ago, if you wait until every single light is green, you never get to start.”

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